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Empowering people to optimize wellbeing and realize their potential for happiness and a meaningful life

The desire for wellbeing and happiness is universal. About 70% of people, however, report that they actually spend most of their time somewhere between “failing” and “functioning” and not thriving, prospering or flourishing.


Yet, things can be different! 

Merging the latest science and the depth of psychology with the practicality of coaching,  Dr. Irena Persky empowers clients to navigate life challenges and/or address general dissatisfaction. Focusing on effective and scientifically grounded principles, Dr. Persky equips individuals with practical skills necessary to cultivate resilience and thrive in the modern world

Everyone has an opportunity for healing and growth. Dr. Persky is passionate about facilitating the changes her clients desire and empowering life journeys that matter.


You are warmly invited to take the first step today.

Available Services

Irena Persky, PhD

"We thrive when we think, behave, and function consistent with our treasured values every day of our lives."                                                   Irena Persky


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