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I love finding creative ways to empower people to realize their potential for happiness and a meaningful life. When we are feeling stressed and busy, it’s easy to overlook the positive, feel disconnected, and neglect to savor life. Imagine if you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues had a daily visual reminder that would shift contents of consciousness to what really matters? Something that would motivate and empower you to live a happier life?


Imagine no longer! Make it a reality with “A Meaningful Life” calendar. Relying on strong scientific evidence and my professional experience, I created content for each of the months of the year around positive psychology topics. Thought provoking and important topics (e.g., Purpose, Savoring, Inclusiveness, Gratitude, Awe), practical tips, and fun dates of the year (e.g., Random Acts of Kindness Day, Everything You Do is Right Day, World Laughter Day) fill the calendar pages. I collaborated with two amazing photographers, Ruth G. Sikes and Marina Samovsky, to bring the contents to life in a visually appealing way. Their photography is stunning and showcases the richness of life we can all partake in and enjoy when we focus on what really matters. Sample pages from the calendar and the back page are pictured here for you to get excited about this unique opportunity!


It would mean so much to me to be able to play a role in moving the bar on wellbeing for others. You also get to be agents of change! You get to do something concrete for yourself and others you care about! Spread the word about this unique gift. A gift that indeed keeps on giving day after day and month after month throughout the year!

A Meaningful Life Calendar

  • In order to keep down costs and be able to donate 50% of the profits to charity, I have not created an ecommerce store, but will be accepting payments through PayPal. When sending payment, please indicate your shipping address in the notes. Please send payment to

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