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Services are tailored to particular interests and needs of individuals, groups, and organizations

***During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Persky is offering virtual visits using a secure telehealth platform to ensure your health, safety, and privacy.


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Individual Psychotherapy and Coaching Sessions 
Work one-on-one with Dr. Persky to zero in on your values, clarify your goals, and define the steps you need to attain them. Dr. Persky takes a collaborative and integrative approach (e.g., Cognitive-Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, mindfulness-based, positive psychology and the practicality of coaching) to facilitate the changes you desire, cultivate resilience, and empower life journeys that matter. Her approach is solution-orientated and focused on practical skill-building based on scientifically supported methods.

Dr. Persky has expertise in stress management and treatment of depression, anxiety, and management of chronic illness/pain. She also addresses sleep issues, weight loss, caregiver stress, and improving coping skills, health, and wellness.


Dr. Persky has particular expertise working with and empowering healthcare professionals and C-suite leaders to navigate multiple demands and adaptively address stressors.


Dr. Persky designs custom workshops and programs for business, healthcare, and non-for-profit settings that help participants improve their wellbeing and resilience.  The content combines the latest scientific research with best practices, skills training, and participatory activities that inspire self-reflection and meaningful personal growth. Participants walk out with practical tools that can be immediately applied. 

Workshops can be delivered as:

  • A 60 or 90-minute presentation

  • A half-day practical workshop 

  • A series (3 x 2 hour presentations) that includes built-in experiential practice and accountability to deliver lasting change.

Sample topics:

  • How to Optimize Your Wellbeing in Professional Endeavors, Personal Life, and Everywhere In Between 

  • Stress Management in our Modern World

  • Sprout Your Happiness: How to optimize your genes and life circumstances and take steps toward transforming yourself into a happier person​

  • Escaping Burnout! Mindful Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life

  • Mindful Awareness: Building Blocks for Happiness and Resilience 

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Business Settings 


Businesses operate at their best when their personnel function at their full potential. Strong scientific evidence supports the common-sense notion that psychological wellbeing reliably predicts job performance. Since people are an organization’s most valuable asset, creating a supportive culture and investing in employee health and wellbeing helps both employees and organizations thrive. 


Dr. Persky’s wellbeing workshops are a win-win for individuals and businesses. Workshop participants take away practical skills and effective strategies to move from struggling or just functioning toward thriving. Participants can become better able to handle everyday challenges they face in the workplace, in personal life, and everywhere in between. When business leaders invest in employee health and wellbeing, employees feel valued and empowered, are more satisfied, and have the requisite skills to flourish and remain resilient even at times of stress.


Dr. Persky’s workshops are suitable for employees at various levels within the organization to promote positive engagement, purpose-driven meaningful life, and health consciousness; all of which are strongly related to improved wellbeing, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a flourishing workplace.

Healthcare Settings 

Given high levels of stress and burnout among healthcare professionals, Dr. Persky offers consultation and programming to promote adaptive coping and wellbeing among healthcare professionals.   

Dr. Persky also offers consultation services to various health care professionals to assist them with teaching patients effective stress management and coping strategies, considering both individual and population-level approaches. Studies suggest that about 75% of all primary care office visits have a stress-related component. 

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Happiness Salon


The salon, an important place for the exchange of ideas, was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in Europe throughout the 17th-19th centuries. Today, people continue to look for enjoyable and meaningful ways to spend time in the company of friends, family, and coworkers.


Dr. Persky is excited to "revive" the discourse on the topic of happiness and a meaningful life in the form of a modern day salon. At the location of host's choice, Dr. Persky will facilitate a discussion. Your Happiness Salon will include practical, engaging, and memorable experiential exercises aimed at applying the science of happiness to everyday life.


For more information and to host a Happiness Salon, contact Dr. Irena Persky.   


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