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Delighted by feedback

I am so delighted by the feedback we've been receiving about "A Meaningful Life" calendars. Here are just some of the things we've heard:

"My friend in Toronto loved the life lessons and photos and said she had hung it in her bedroom so she could see it every morning when she arose."

""Every Christmas, when the family gathers, [we] each pick something to read that has moved [us] in the past year. [I'm] going to read from the calendar."

"A friend in Phoenix who is a cancer survivor, told me it would help her get through the next four years, or at least this year."

"Your beautiful calendar arrived today! Thank you, I love it! Gorgeous pictures! Like Leonard Bernstein said in response to violence to make music more intensely. I want to add to that, make art more intensely, more purposefully, more beautifully, with your whole heart! This is our answer! The way the musicians kept playing as the Titanic was sinking! That is the heart of an artist!"

"[We] thoroughly enjoyed the calendar -- the photos, quotes, prose, and daily snippets."

"The calendar is beautiful!!!! The photos are lovely and the moments of joy are absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for making this happen, and for sharing it with us."

The idea for the calendar struck me following the stressful events of 2016. I was eager to find a tangible way to empower people to actively cultivate joy and meaning in their lives, to take care of themselves, connect to important people in their lives, and move the bar on happiness! Visual reminders serve as powerful tools of what's important and make a difference in the contents of our consciousness. I am so excited that people are sharing the calendar with their friends and loved ones to spread joy, love, positivity, and a call to make 2017 personally meaningful! This project was a true labor of love!

Onward to a purposeful January!

"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any how." Viktor E. Frankl

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