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What do penguins have to do with Inspire your Heart with Art Day?

Observed on January 31st, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Today's story by my 8 year old inspires me to infuse humor, savor friendships in my life and trust that "it is easy to make friends when you are happy and friendly."

A Penguin Who Finds Friends

Once upon a time there was a penguin who had no friends. He was really sad, he wanted to have friends. One day he saw some other penguins. He hoped to make friends with them this day. He waddled over to them and said “Hi, my name is Lolo, do you want to be friends?” The other penguins said “Sure, why not, our names are Bobby and Coco!” They were all excited to meet each other. Lolo then said “How about we go to the park and play there?” and the other penguins said “Sure, why not? We love the park.” Lolo decided to play on the monkey bars, Bobby decided to swing on the swings, and Coco decided to slide down the snow-slide and he said “Wheee!”

A few hours later, Coco said “I’m starting to get a little hungry, would anyone want some fish?” Bobby and Lolo both jumped up and down and yelled “Fish!!! That’s our favorite food!” So they decided that they would all go to Lolo’s house and eat some fish while watching a penguin movie. They decided to eat white fish while watching “Happy Feet,” their favorite movie about penguins. They had Dippin Dots for dessert, and everyone went home very happy.

After Lolo’s friends went home, his penguin mommy asked him “how was your first day in our new neighborhood?” He said “It was great! It seems like it is easy to make friends when you are happy and friendly. I met two new friends. Their names were Coco and Bobby” “Why don’t we call Coco and Bobby’s moms and schedule another playdate?” said his mother. Lolo said “sure! But right now I’m tired. I’m going to go wash myself in the ocean and go to bed.” “Be careful not to let a shark eat you!” “Oh mom, I won’t!”

How does art inspire you?


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